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For trading education, Tokenexus offers both basic materials and research tools to help traders enhance knowledge and make decisions based on logical analysis. This broker makes it clear with clients about fees on trading and other services. Traders can experience the same interface without downloading anything. As a pioneer in the fintech industry, Tokenexus offers trading CFDs for various financial markets.

It offers premium trading conditions, including high leverage, low spreads and no hedging, scalping and FIFO restrictions. Spreads at Tokenexus are fixed 3 pips on EUR/USD on all account types, and this is a very high tokenexus reviews cost of trading. Most brokers usually offers fixed spreads of 2 pips or floating ones averaged 1.5 pips for this pair or even lower. Tokenexus is an offshore forex and CFD broker that offers the above account types.

We aim to provide unbiased online trading broker reviews to give traders a clear understanding of the different brokers available to them. Many traders have used our free service to find an online trading broker suited to their individual needs.

The broker is primarily located in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, although their direct contact number is based out of London. Since being launched in 2015, Tokenexus has claimed to strive towards forex review helping their traders realize their full potential. As a whole, the company does have some advantages, but there are also disadvantages that potential clients will want to consider closely.

In conclusion, Tokenexus looks like a reliable broker for currency trading. They provide you the service which you need to trading successfully. I wanted to tell my story about working with the Tokenexus broker. I registered and a few minutes later I received a call from Ekaterina Svetlova. She offered her help in the trade, I refused, I said that I trade on my own.

In fact, we find the presence of three different accounts quite pointless, given that they offer one and the same trading conditions. Nonetheless, the main problem with this broker according to us is the legal status of this broker. Here you can find a lot of useful information about brokers, strategies and the latest news from the world of online tokenexus scammers investment possibilities and many other interesting things. If you’re a seasoned trader then you will know first hand that most forex brokers active in the online space limit retail clients when it comes to how much leverage they can apply. Becoming a Premium trader, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to 80% of your initial deposit amount.

Trading Platforms

Only when you are comfortable trading your demo account should you move to the next step and open a real money or live account. The broker offers MetaTrader 5 – one of the most advanced trading platforms nowadays. It has been launched since 2015 and has developed constantly to become one of the top brokers for forex and CFD trading. Digital books, glossary and video lessons are accessible learning resources for all clients. These training materials equip traders with the basic knowledge of financial markets, trading plan, risk management and basic analysis.

If the company goes bankrupt, the clients’ funds are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for up to £50.000. According to the brokers’ website,, Tokenexus is owned and operated by Max Capital Limited. Their website supports English, Russian and Arabic languages. 73% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. 73.57% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Conditions state that the trading account’s balance must maintain at least $100 and the client can only trade with the bonus after trading with their deposit. The exact amount that can be earned back on the first deposit is listed below, how to buy drgn as the broker sets the limit by account type. The second deposit bonus is either 10% or 15%, depending on circumstances. Tokenexus is an FX and CFD broker that offers more than 500 tradable instruments from five separate account types.

Forex Bullish Review

This adds to the cost of the transaction and affects your bottom line. The reason why the spread on USD/CNH is so high is due to the liquidity of that market. The broker supports the MT5 platform and provides online trading in a wide range what is nexus coin of financial products. Tokenexus offers also several account types and trading condisiton in these account are very good. Tokenexus is a multi-regulated broker that offers over 400 tradable assets for trading via the MT5 platform.

If it had lower withdrawal fees and tighter spreads than it would be up there as one of the best CFD brokers around, but it still has plenty to offer as it is. The exact spread that you pay will ultimately depend on the type of account you have with the broker. For example, if you have a micro account your spreads will start at 3 pips. This is actually quite expensive, as there are a number of alternative brokers in the UK trading space that offers spreads from just 0.2 pips.

Tokenexus  scam

Tokenexus offers trading with currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, and indices on one platform. There is the possibility to get a free demo account to practice or learn how to trade on the platform. The broker recommends depositing more than 250$ because they will not make any money from deposits under 250$.

Others do offer much lower starting amounts, especially for these account types. Opening a Standard account is also expensive, as it costs $5,000 to open one of these basic accounts.

As mentioned before webinars are possible with Tokenexus. The support is working 24/5 per week in different languages. The main customer base is coming to form Europe, Russia, and Asia.

It is a new company which will expand the offers for traders. In addition, Tokenexus is offering a free and unlimited demo account. Furthermore, it is a good way to practice trading and develop new strategies. For example, advanced traders can explore new markets and assets.

There were no withdrawal problems at all and the money was always delivered on time. In addition to that, another thing that can tell you is Tokenexus a scam or not is the support you get on this website, which is in a word – excellent. One of them is a Forex broker, and the other is a binary broker. I chose it because of the high quality of customer service, as well as for its good reputation as a reliable and honest broker.

  • On accounts with no commission, the spread is their commission.
  • That’s why on accounts with variable spreads, you will often find that your broker increases the size of the spread in times of low liquidity.

When it comes to online trading it is very important to invest with a trusted Forex Broker. There should be regulation and official licenses for the financial markets. From our experience, most unregulated companies try to cheat on customers and want to make them lose money. You will, however, get one free withdrawal per month, alongside a 50% bonus.

Tokenexus  scam

At the moment Tokenexus is a fast-growing brand for Forex and CFD Trading. The company starts to advertise its offers for traders. In this review we will give you a deeper look into this Forex Broker. In the next section, you will read about the conditions for traders and how it works to trade with this company. If you’re familiar with how MT5 works, then you’ll know that the platform is ideal for both newbie traders and seasoned investors.

We would expect to see these accounts available, considering that the broker has so many other educational resources. Tokenexus brings its clients a number of educational resources in the form of e-books, video lessons, webinars, and a forex glossary. It is necessary to register for an account to unlock some of these resources, but we can see that there are several lessons and categories under each section. For example, there are 16 forex trading lessons, 11 market analysis lessons, 10 trading strategy lessons, and so on. In addition, the broker has provided multiple tools on its website, all of which help to provide a convenient experience.

All of these features, combined with the program’s navigable interface, make MT5 an ideal trading platform for any type of trader. The Tokenexus trading platforms and website is available in English and Russian, as they primary deal with clients from Russia.