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Peg solitaire is an old board game for one player. There is not a limit to the number of times you can deal out the cards. The focus of the game is to move cards individually from the table to the Foundations solitaire spider. It also requires little to no mathematics and is a great way to introduce young people to popular card-playing and teach them the order of card values.

While with more complicated settings you need to check that the tiny diamonds in a halo or pave setting are still secure, and none are coming loose or have even been lost, with a solitaire setting you just need to check the prongs very occasionally to ensure that they are holding the center stone safe.

It is played with a standard 52 card deck which is shuffled and then partially dealt into seven piles from left to right. Identify the space for your discard pile. Choose from an eclectic range of cuts and settings to discover your perfect match. In this game, only the card rankings matter — the suits of the cards are irrelevant.

If the only card left that a faceup card can be built upon is a facedown card in the same column, the game might be lost. Microsoft has jumped on board the free-to-play” bandwagon, which means these games are no longer actually free but have become quite expensive.

Shuffle the deck of cards until the cards are sufficiently randomized. Multiple online pyramid games can have their own version of this game with undo buttons and other features. Repeat until every column has a face-up card at the bottom. But the general principles of that particular subgenre” will give you a good idea of how that broader category of game is played.

Occasionally I realize "Thank god I missed that 4 of diamonds sitting in front of me all along, since playing the 4 of hearts finally got me the Ace of spades." It’s all dumb luck on my part, but there must be strategy in there somewhere. The goal of the game is to remove all 35 cards from the tableau to a discard pile.

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